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As the year comes to an end, it has been wonderful to reflect on all that has occurred throughout the year at the College.

We had a difficult start to the year with Years 2-6 starting school remotely. This did not dampen the spirits of the students, many of whom had not experienced a year of schooling without interruption.

Despite the disrupted start, the students were still able to have many positive and memorable experiences throughout the remainder of the year.

Some of the highlights included:

The St John’s Partnership

In 2022 classes from Year 2-6 have shared an experience with students from St John’s Grammar.

Year 2, 4 and 6 hosted visits from St John’s at Currency Creek, whilst Year 3 and 5 visited St John’s in the Belair National Park.

Next year we are looking at growing this relationship even further, ensuring our youngest learners also get the opportunity to connect with students from St John’s.
This partnership is also beneficial for our staff, who are now developing professional connections and sharing resources with St John’s staff.

Year 3 Belair Buddies | 2022

Athletics Carnival and Year 3-6 Beach Carnival

The Athletics Carnival in Term 1 and Beach Carnival in Term 4 are amazing events for our students to participate in.
We are very much looking forward to our Year 3-6 Beach Carnival next week at Port Elliot. I hope to see many of you there as it is a special and unique offering.

ELC/Junior School Athletics Day | 2022

Dogs In The Quad

Our first ‘Dogs In The Quad’ was a monumental success with many students identifying this day as their favourite for the year.
We are looking forward to having more of these days early in 2023 and our dog treat chefs are looking forward to making more treats for our furry friends.

Doggy Heaven! | 2022


This year we began our Investig8 program across the Junior School.  Year 3 and 4 had Surf Safety at Pt Elliot. Our Receptions and Year 1s had their Learn with Brix Lego Robotics incursions. Year 2 had a guest artist incursion while Year 5 and 6 worked with Barbery O’Brien on sign design for Currency Creek, stop motion animation and outdoor camping skills.

In 2023 the Investig8 program will continue to grow and be further enhanced by the addition of more digital technologies activities that will be facilitated by Mr Darren Taylor.


Covid meant that many of our planned Term 1 camps were delayed until later in the year but all year levels were still able to have a camp experience.

Year 2 had their first overnight stay at Narnu Farm, Year 3 stayed at Finniss, whilst in the last two weeks Year 4 have had their camp at El Shaddai in Wellington and Year 5  went to Illawonga.

Even though the Year 6 trip to Canberra was not able to go ahead, they still had a wonderful time at Wirraway. As students reflect on the year that they have had, camps are often brought up as highlights of the year.

Year 4 Camp | El Shaddai | 2022

New Traditions

2022 has seen the introduction of several new traditions.

The first new tradition introduced was the House Song Competition in Term 3. This was an absolute highlight of the year for all involved. Wattle was the winner with a fabulous rendition of I’m Still Standing.

Another new tradition that Junior School students loved was saying goodbye to the Year 12s by forming a guard of honour and viewing the smoking ceremony. This was a very memorable and touching moment.

Christmas Concert

The Christmas Concert was also a real highlight. The concert was a modern take on the Nativity called Lights Camel Action. It was great to see many of the students flourish; we truly have some amazing and talented actors and performers amongst our cohort.

A big thank you to Mrs Bev Giggins and Miss Lisa Pointon for their efforts in putting on this wonderful show and experience for our students.

Junior School Christmas Concert | 2022

ELC Graduation

On Tuesday we had the ELC Graduation where our Pelicans graduated. This was a wonderful celebration of their time in the ELC and we look forward to seeing them in Reception in 2023.

Year 6 Graduation

We had a beautiful Year 6 Graduation Ceremony. Year 6 is a very special year with many memorable moments and it was wonderful to celebrate the end of the students’ time in the Junior School.

Parents and Friends

The P and F continues to grow and serve our wonderful College. This year the  Bonfire at Currency Creek, Ice Cream Day, Shrove Tuesday and the Mother’s Day and Father’s Day stalls were some successful examples the valuable contributions they make to the College.  In 2023 there are many more events and gatherings planned by our P and F and we are very much looking forward to this aspect of the college continuing to grow.

Grandparents and Grandfriends day

This is one of my favourite days on the calendar and this year we had a record attendance. It was lovely to see our students share the passion and pride they have in their school.

As you can see, there were many highlights and in 2023 there will be many more.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our wonderful teaching and non-teaching staff for their efforts to make Investigator College such a magnificent school. I would also like to thank the students for their hard work. When I take a tour I will often ask students what they love about Investigator College. Many will say that they love how caring and kind the community is. It makes me very proud as I totally agree with this. Our students truly are caring and kind. Thank you to our parents/carergivers for contributing and supporting the students to be kind every day.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support and wish you a Merry Christmas. We look forward to seeing you again in 2023. There are many exciting things on the horizon and I very much look forward to sharing these with you throughout the year as they occur.

Grandparents and Grand Friends Day | 2022



There are several staff that will complete their contracts with us next week and I would like to take this opportunity to thank them for their efforts. Our students and staff have really enjoyed working with these wonderful staff members.

Rosy Ulcoq

Rosy will complete her contract at the end of the term after joining us at the beginning of Term 3. Rosy loves drama and organised an amazing talent show at our recent Year 4 camp. We thank Rosy for her service to the College and wish her all the best for 2023.

Bev Giggins

At the end on 2022 Bev will complete her contract with Investigator College. Bev has done an amazing job teaching Year 4. A highlight for all was her organisation and leadership of the Christmas Concert Lights, Camel, Action! We wish Bev all the best for 2023 and in her future endeavours.

Abigail Pereira

Abigail will complete her contract as the Early Childhood Teacher in the ELC. Although it has only been Abigail’s first full year of teaching, she has shown wisdom beyond her years. She has really made a positive impact on the Little Investigators children, staff and families and will be missed.

Karen Weise

Karen will not be returning to her position in the ELC after maternity and parenting leave. We wish her all the best with the new position she will be taking up in 2023.


Our final day for 2022 is Wednesday 14 December.

Term Dates 2023

Term 1: Tuesday 31 January – Friday 14 April

Term 2: Tuesday 2 May – Friday 30 June *Tuesday 13 June – Student Free Day

Term 3: Tuesday 25 July – Friday 29 September

Term 4: Monday 16 October – Friday 8 December


Nicholas Smith
Head of Junior School



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