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The College is pleased to announce the appointment of Mrs Louise Davies to the position of Director, Early Learners Centre.

Mrs Davies comes to the College from Saint     Peter’s Collegiate Girls School where she is the Reception and Year 1 Coordinator and Reception Teacher. She is a dedicated and highly experienced Early Year Educator and is most enthusiastic about joining the Investigator College community.

Mrs Davies will commence in early January in preparation for an opening of our ELC in second term and lead the extensive documentation and registration process, together with the refurbishment of the facilities that have recently commenced.

Mrs Davies will also spend three days at the College in Term 4 meeting with parents and staff. There will be an opportunity early in 2018 to meet Mrs Davies, however in the meantime I appreciate your ongoing prayers and assistance in making her feel welcome to our community.

Capital Infrastructure Update

Bike Sheds

Parents and students will have noticed new bike sheds at each campus. These have been constructed with the financial assistance of the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure via the Way2Go Bike Ed program. These will provide shelter and greater security for bikes of students and staff who ride to school.

Currency Creek

Work has commenced on the Investigator College Eco Sustainability Trade Skills Centre, Currency Creek. This 1.2 million dollar project [funded by the Federal Government via the Block Grant Authority in South Australia] will provide 4 classrooms/laboratories, outdoor learning area and amenities for the delivery of nationally accredited Certificates in Horticulture and Conservation and Land Management.


Early Learners Centre

Work has also commenced on the refurbishment of classrooms at the Victor Harbor Campus for the Early Learners Centre due to be opening in Term 2 2018 and which will cater for children form 3 ½ to 5 years of age.

This Reggio Emilia inspired centre will draw from the most contemporary, research based methodology for preschool learners.

The Early Learners Centre will be a vibrant, child-centred environment in which children:

  • are inspired towards lifelong learning.
  • express their learning in various ways.
  • are at the centre of learning – their questions and interests are the foundation of their learning.
  • are valued as competent, curious, resilient and capable
    learners who are an important part of a community and culture in which teachers, parents and children work together.
  • build great relationships that are foundational to optimal learning.
  • experience learning that is documented and presented 
to know children’s perspective, understanding and interests.
  • will enjoy a physical environment designed to inspire and encourage exploration of creativity and curiosity.

With an emphasis on play and ‘nature play’ the setting of the new Early Learners Centre will provide both structured and unstructured [natural] stimuli to draw children into a rigorous, yet fun – filled learning experience.

An extensive garden/nature play area adjacent to the new centre will be readily accessed by the children.

Exam Survival Tips for Parents

It is that time of the year again – Examinations!!

For those parents who find this a stressful time, please find following some practical suggestions to assist your survival and that of your child/ren.


  • Remind students that, although exams are important, they are just one assessment. The work they have done all year constitutes a significant component of their assessment!
  • Check that your child has met all coursework requirements.
  • Set up a dedicated study space and help them to remain tidy and organised.
  • Provide a steady supply of healthy snacks, drinks of water and short breaks between study periods.
  • Help your child plan a study program that leads up sensibly to each subject exam.
  • Encourage the use of revision methods they have been taught within subject areas – things like mind maps, brief notes, pictures, diagrams, self-testing. Just reading things through over and over doesn’t always work!! It is a good idea to process information; the more this is done the more likely it is to ‘stick’.
  • Television, devices and loud music do not help revision, but quiet background music may.
  • Working with a friend can help by letting them test each other and talk about the work. Just check that their study partner is good for them and they are able to stay focused.
  • Find out what teachers have recommended for study – different subjects may take different approaches.
  • Encourage your child to explain a concept to you. If you can understand their explanation, then they will be able to produce a good answer in the exam.
  • Stay positive and reassuring to build their confidence and calm any nerves. Remember, these assessments are just one more opportunity for students to demonstrate their learning.

Exam time

  • Check the examination timetable CAREFULLY so you both know exactly when and where each exam is scheduled.
  • Make sure attendance at school [as required] remains regular and they attend revision classes.
  • Encourage the rest of the family to provide some space and peace while they study.
  • Emphasise the need for plenty of sleep, especially the night before an exam.

On the day of the examination

  • Get them up on time and at the venue in plenty of time.
  • Check they have everything they need.
  • Check what is banned from the exam room and make sure devices are left at home if they are not needed.
  • Afterwards, forget about that exam – there is nothing that can be gained by worrying about something that can’t be changed! –  and focus on the next one.

[adapted from Principal’s Digest Vol 21 No 49, 2015]

Mr Don Grimmett


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