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One of the great joys of my job is celebrating with and farewelling our Year 12 students each year. It is such a privilege to share a meal with students, parents, caregivers and staff as we say goodbye to these outstanding young men and women.

The 2017 Year 12 Farewell Dinner was held on Thursday 23 November at Serafinos in McLaren Vale and was again a wonderful celebration of the hard work and achievement of our students – many of whom have attended the College for 13 years.

My prayer for these student as they prepare themselves for the next stage in their lives is that the care and love they have received through their families and the relationships established within the Investigator community, remains with them always.

The Bible tells us that where there is faith, even as small as a mustard seed, there is hope. While not all our graduating students profess a faith, it is our firm belief that God has a unique and exciting plan for each of our students.

As a Christian school our hope and the hope of the world rests in our Saviour Jesus Christ. This Christian hope is expressed through the word and actions of each of us and those of our graduating students each and every day.

In the Old Testament, 2 Kings talks about the Israelites in exile in Assyria.
During this time people from other lands, people who had different beliefs and values lived in Assyria and the Israelites, strayed from the values they had been taught – with some devastating results. The writer of Kings says in verse 15 ‘They followed worthless idols and themselves became worthless’.

We become what we follow.

This is an important lesson for all of us, but particularly at this time for our graduating Year 12s. As parents, caregivers and staff we have done our very best to prepare you for the big wide world.


Guard your hearts and think carefully about who and what you follow. From now on the decisions you make, about whom or what you follow, are yours.


R-6 class teachers for 2018

It gives me great pleasure to announce staffing for our R-6 classes in 2018.

Goolwa Campus

Reception  Mrs Susan Davidson/Mrs Ruth Price


Year 1 Mr John Freebairn/Mr Mark Tenny


Year 2 Mrs Sharon Meadows

Year 3 Mrs Tanya Stopp

Year 4 Mrs Nicole Erkelenz

Year 4 Mrs Bev Giggins/Mr Mark Tenny


Year 6 Mrs Carolyn Pynor

Note that there will be NO Year 5 class based at Goolwa in 2018.

Victor Harbor Campus

Reception Mrs Sandi Grimmett/Mrs Kate Mueller

Year 1 Mrs Louisa Wilson

Year 2  Mrs Jane Wadham

Year 3  Mrs Katie Hills

Year 4  Mr Craig Donley

Year 5 Mrs Suzi Wade

Year 5  Mr Jim Dunbar/Mrs Amelia Detmar


Year 6  Mrs Melissa Belton/Miss Sally Judd

Principal Bursaries 2018

In the past Investigator College has offered a fee discount for families whose income fell below the annual limit set by the State Government [School Card discount] in the public school system. In previous years the College has received a small amount of income from the State Government – equivalent to the discount that was provided to public school families.
This ceased some five years ago and as a result the College receives NO assistance from the Government.

What effectively occurs now is that the College receives advice from the Government [following an income check] regarding which families fall below the income limit. The College then provides a flat discount to these families.

The College is very aware that many families rely on this discount to enable them to afford an Independent School education and we are proud to be able to offer a 55% tuition fee discount – significantly more than any other Independent School in this area.

In 2018 the College Board has indicated that we are to make some changes to how this program is promoted and administered whilst ensuring that those families who are in need of assistance continue to be able to access education at the College.

Therefore, during the 2018 school year the term “School Card Discount” will be discontinued and incorporated into the current “Bursary” system. Families will still be assessed using the School Card process through the State Government for as long as this service continues to be provided. Families who qualify under the old School Card system will continue to receive the 55% discount unless there are additional circumstances that we need to take into account. Each application will however be considered on its merits and will need to qualify under the terms and conditions with which all current Bursaries are assessed.

Families who currently access the School Card discount and whose income falls below the limit in 2018 and onwards should not be concerned that the discount will be removed in the future.

Simply, the terminology has been adjusted in anticipation of the State Government’s removal of Independent School access to this service. Also the change in terminology takes any ambiguity away, making it clear that the College [not the Government] is supporting our community.

Mr Don Grimmett



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