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I am always excited at the beginning of each year as it brings students new opportunities and challenges, a change in teacher/s, a new level of curriculum requirements and of course friendships to re-establish and new ones to make.

I remember when I was at school I also enjoyed the feel and clean look of brand new textbooks.  I remember looking through these before the start of the year and thinking – wow – this is a lot to learn, I don’t know how I will remember all of this.

While there is great excitement with new beginnings, there may also be some uncertainty. It is important that we not let our uncertainty dampen our excitement. Just to reassure you – I did overcome my doubt and passed Year 9.

Perhaps adding to some students’ unease, this year has brought some changes that have enabled the College to create the very best learning environment for our students and our staff.

Our Middle School students now enjoy a dedicated precinct, specialist staff and facilities. This has noticeably enhanced the identity of our ‘Middle Schoolers’.

This year will also see the opening of our Early Learners Centre in Term 2 and our Currency Creek Trade Skills Centre development.

Of great importance is the College Board’s endorsement of our priority on Wellbeing and Community Development. This is a commitment to nurture the wellbeing of every person – students, staff and parents – with a focus on enhancing community relationships.

Investigator College exists to provide the opportunity for all of us – staff, students and parents – to be our best self.

What does that mean?

For me it means that each of us finds ourselves at Investigator College in 2018, not by accident but because God has brought us together as community at this time – the beginning of 2018.

Great, well-functioning communities work together, they look out for and support each other, they laugh and they cry together and they learn together.

Communities function at their optimum when all members contribute fully. Each of us has gifts and talents that we are called to use for the good of others and our community.

Some of us are great at sport, some thrive on mathematics and others just love making sure other people are feeling OK. I hasten to add that this applies equally to ALL members of the community – students, parents and staff.

Together we form community, we use our talents to contribute to community and we strive to continuously improve ourselves and what we do – to become our best self.

At our Commencement Service, I articulated ‘Mr Grimmett’s 3 tips for a happy, healthy Investigator community in 2018’ to our Middle/Senior students.

Tip 1 – Discover your gifts.

If you don’t yet know what you are good at – find out. The College is a treasure-trove of opportunities and possibilities. There is so much on offer. Try things out, explore – I want each and every one of us to understand our gifts, talents and unique nature.

Tip 2 – Always do your best.

I want our community, – that’s students, staff and parents – to strive. To see the opportunities to be more, to do more and to continuously improve ourselves and those around us.

I want us to really listen to others and look for ways we can encourage each other and our community to be our best.

Whatever personal excellence looks like for each of us, I want to encourage all of us to cultivate and encourage a high standard at all times – not only for ourselves but for others. If you are aware that someone is not doing their best – challenge them or let me know because they are letting our community down!!

Tip 3 – Look out for each other.

I want all of us to remove the barriers that hold people back. No matter what we do, we should ensure that those around us have the opportunity and the choice to join in, to belong, and to feel welcome, encouraged, valued and supported to be their best self.

Mr Don Grimmett


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