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I was recently reflecting on the superb start we have enjoyed this year.

Despite the changes [including the moving/refurbishment ‘disruption’ at the Victor Harbor Campus], everyone seems to have settled in, engaging in some great teaching and learning. Although difficult and demanding, the result is evidence of the College Board’s commitment, along with the staff to maintain Investigator College as the school of choice on the South Coast.

Welcome Evenings

Our Wellbeing and Community Development team continue to work hard, but particularly I wish to acknowledge the superb efforts to review, revamp and provide leadership for our Welcome Evenings. Our Junior Schools gathered on 7 February [at both campuses] and our Middle/Senior School on 14 February. This review of these important events provided, I believe, fresh opportunities for our community to enjoy each other’s company and to celebrate the commencement of the new school year. Each event was positive with great conversation, personal exchanges and interactions. There was a wonderful sense of anticipation for the year and a vibrant community ‘buzz’ that was amazing and testament to the cohesiveness of our community.

Early Learners Centre Pre-Opening

Another key community event was our Early Learners Centre Pre-Opening Evening on 15 February. Some 70-80 guests gathered in the Senior School Plaza, enjoying fabulous [ELC] food, activities, games and scintillating conversation.

Our Wellbeing and Community Development commitment is demonstrated by evenings such as these and a genuine desire by the College to support our families – particularly those who are having difficulty in a range of situations and circumstances. Stay tuned for key announcements of further events shortly.

Basic Counselling

On a slightly different note, but still relating to wellbeing, ALL of our teaching staff now have a qualification in Basic Counselling. At the commencement of the year as a full staff professional development activity, we undertook a course in wellbeing and basic counselling.

The wellbeing of students, staff and parent/caregivers is, as I have previously stated, fundamental to providing the best opportunity for all of us to become our best self.

As always, our Wellbeing and Community Development Team leaders seek your input, reflections and feedback about how the College can improve what we do in creating and sustaining a supportive yet challenging learning environment for everyone.

Our Wellbeing and Community Development Team:

Mr Mark Tenny
[R-6 Goolwa Campus]

Mrs Melissa Belton
[R-6 Victor Harbor Campus]

Mrs Lauren Travis
[Middle School – Yr 7-9]

Mrs Belinda Delyster
[Senior School – Yr 10-12]

Mr Andrew Panozzo
[Deputy Principal]

Mr Don Grimmett [Principal]

We want every person to belong. To feel welcome, encouraged, valued and supported to be their best self.

Mr Don Grimmett


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