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I had the great pleasure of attending two wonderful community events on Saturday 26 August.

Firstly, the SALA School Art Show which was a magnificent showcase of student art from schools on the South Coast. Held in our Senior School, the event brought schools on the South Coast together using Art as the common thread, to build community and to provide personal enrichment and wellbeing. As such the show drew many ‘non-College’ people through the building and was a great advertisement for our College.

Part of the joy of the event was that our students were provided a vehicle [or audience] with whom they shared their artistic talent and passion. While there are a number of such opportunities for our performing artists, I think the opportunities for visual artists are somewhat fewer.

Investigator College is committed to and sees the benefit in a school based Art Show celebrating the work of our Art and Photography students and I have no doubt that the fellowship, camaraderie, collaboration and indeed the show will grow in the future.

My thanks to Mrs Zoe Crichton whose passion, leadership and enthusiasm brought the show together.

My appreciation also goes to the staff who assisted with security over the weekend and those who helped with the set up [moving furniture etc] on Thursday/Friday. A wonderful team effort!!

Secondly, the College Cocktail Evening held at Blues Restaurant was a great evening and a superb opportunity for staff and parents to interact. The event has anchored itself as a significant Wellbeing and Community Development highlight of the College calendar.

Obviously the key objective of the evening is to have fun and to spend time in each other’s company – developing and enjoying our community. On another level, however, the evening forms an important plank in the College’s focus on Wellbeing and Community Development. As a College Wellbeing Leadership Team, we continue to develop and shape what this looks like.

Schools, more and more, are taking on the mantle of ‘community developers’ – particularly as traditional gathering places become less relevant and government services, notably in rural communities, are reduced.

It is with this in mind that the College’s Wellbeing and Community Development strategy commenced at the beginning of this year and, in discussion with the Parents and Friends Group, it was agreed, that given our shared desire to develop community and to encourage and support wellbeing, we would work together in this area.

As this strategy develops, I hope that we can encourage more of our community to participate – whether that be in attending our ‘Parenting Evenings’ such as the Carly Ryan Online Safety Seminar held a couple of weeks ago or the Anxiety Presentation evening held in Term 2 at the Goolwa Campus. Our College community is also encouraged to participate in social events such as the Cocktail Evening, the Plaza Sessions held in Term 1 or the Christmas Concerts in Term 4.

You will be pleased to know that focus of these gatherings is not to raise funds – the College now underwrites these events. Rather, it is hoped that any surplus generated will [in the future] fund our Parenting Information Evenings and perhaps even subsidise evenings to provide access to more members of our community.

An important part of Wellbeing and Community Development is joining in and having a go. Should you wish to become involved in the organising of any of these events please let the Team Leader of your child’s sub-school know.

They are:

Mr Mark Tenny 
Goolwa Campus Junior School

Mrs Lauren Travis 
Goolwa Campus Middle School

Mrs Melissa Belton 
Victor Harbor Campus Junior School

Mrs Belinda Delyster 
Victor Harbor Campus Middle School and Dean of Senior Students

We warmly welcome participation by all members of the College community – whether that be in a small or a large way.

Don Grimmett

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