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The Number One Job Of Parents

Navigating the teenage years can be challenging, and that is why this week our Middle School students have enjoyed an outstanding seminar with acclaimed author and speaker Glen Gerreyn.

Glen also has great advice for parents, stressing that our number one job is to really enjoy our children, not just endure them. Listed below are Glen’s top five parenting tips to help us achieve what might seem to some to be a lofty goal.

1. Give them vision

Glen defines vision as perceiving what is not actually present to the eye. As a parent, we need to help our children discover their strengths and to nurture these, which aligns perfectly with our new emphasis on Positive Education. Glen suggests providing each of your children with a vision board that is updated as they develop new strengths and aspirations. There should be no ceiling placed on their talents and dreams. We can work in partnership with you in helping these become a reality.

2. Encourage them

Glen stresses that their cup must be filled from home and that encouragement from Dad – and/or another significant male – can make an enormous difference. It is really important to remain engaged and to communicate with your child. His family motto is, “We do hard things.” The family reflects on this and talks about their experiences. The negativity bias is so prevalent in society and we can all do our part to flip this.

3. Be present

It is alarming when we consider the time that many of us spend on devices. Mobile phones, ipads and laptops are so useful but they can also be detrimental to family relationships. Glen quotes research showing that Australian fathers spend on average just a few minutes a day in the presence of their sons and engage in just 14 seconds of meaningful conversation!

In Glen’s family, they enjoy “Selah” moments: time to pause, take time and savour. Put that device away, enjoy the company of each other and ‘play’ together. In the words of George Bernard Shaw:

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.”

4. Teach your children how to fail

The only way for children not to fail is to not take any risks. “Fail early, fail often and then fail forward.” All mistakes are useful, particularly when coupled with a growth mindset, and are a necessary component of improvement. Remember to model this yourself.

5. Make home a haven.

When children go through tough times, they really need their Mum and Dad and home(s) needs to be a place of forgiveness, healing and mercy.

His mantra: “We will get over this as a family and we will go out together and face the world.”

As a marvellous example of enjoying your children, Glen recommends watching this touching and inspirational clip about Team Coyte. Enjoy!

Really Important Upcoming Parent Seminar – Have you booked a place?

Each year we provide some parent education sessions and, in response to numerous requests, we have arranged for Australia’s foremost cyber-safety expert, Susan McLean, to speak at Investigator College.  Formerly a member of the Victorian Police Force, her messages for parents are not to be missed. I hope to see you all there on Thursday evening.

Register Now!

Cyber Safety Information Session | Investigator College

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Term 2:  Tuesday 27 April – Friday 25 June

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