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Investigator is Shining!

I was determined to get through another year without falling victim to COVID, but unfortunately this was not to be. Writing my final article for 2022 from my home, this is an opportune time to reflect on all I am grateful for at Investigator this year.

Currency Creek

Our waterfront EcoCentre seems to be the envy of all schools. Who can forget the Community Bonfire, the Sustainable Futures Leadership Day for Anglican Schools and the joint excursions with St John’s Grammar School? I even overheard a conversation about what a wonderful place to get married! If you haven’t yet been there, please ensure you don’t miss opportunities in 2023.

Music and Musicals

“Music is back” were words excitedly said by many at the interval of the Spring Showcase. With the passion of Cass Crichton and Lisa Pointon making a mark, we are now aligning ourselves with Adelaide’s leading Music schools and we have only just started. The same flair shone at this year’s Musical, “Matilda Jr”, directed by Nicole Ranson and again at the amazing Junior School Christmas Concert.

Spring Showcase | 2022

2022 Musical | Matilda Jr. Wows!


With the appointment of Andrew Palumbo as our Head of Sport this year, we are now joining larger colleges with the opportunities and mentoring on offer. Already we have become a force in equestrian, sailing, surfing, basketball, volleyball, netball, tennis, cricket, athletics, AFL, soccer and dancing, among others. Watch out- here come The Gators!

Little Investigators

Nestled between the Junior School and the Nature Play area is arguably the best Early Learning Centre this side of Adelaide. A ‘boutique’ centre that flows seamlessly onto Reception (next door), these 3 and 4 year olds are being beautifully prepared to lead happy, fulfilled lives. They also love their frequent visits to see the farm animals and enjoy sustainability as one of their specialist subjects.

ELC – Early Learning

Our Animals

The links between animals and authentic wellbeing cannot be denied and how lucky are we to have lambs, calves and chickens on campus. We also love dogs and it has been lovely to see a number of teachers share their furry friend with their classes. We are planning another ‘Dogs in the Quad’ event in February so please bring in your well-behaved pooch to meet the rest of the community and enjoy a free cup of coffee.

Our Students

Temporary Relief Teachers always say how much they have enjoyed their day when they return their keys after school. Respect is vital and the great work of our teachers, aided by particularly strong Positive Education programs, pays dividends as despite living a turbulent world, Investigator students can feel safe, inspired and supported. Year 12 SACE results are not everything but we also shine here and no doubt will again when 2022 results are released on 19 December.

Staffing News

I am in awe of our team, and it is normal in a progressive school undergoing positive change to welcome great new staff members but also to farewell others. As said at Speech Day yesterday, we express our gratitude to the wonderful long-term service of Andrew Panozzo, Kerrin McGlashan – Panozzo, Danielle Johnstone, Peter Daish and Emma Carter, plus contract teachers Bev Giggins, Rosy Ulcoq, Alexandra Harvey and Abigail Pereira.

We also acknowledged the 18 years of outstanding service of Head of Senior School and past parent, Belinda Delyster. Belinda has had such a positive impact on Investigator and will remain a friend of the College forever. Our gratitude and very best wishes go with her as she begins a pastoral role at Cardijn College. Congratulations to Jodie O’Donnell who has been appointed Acting Head of Senior School for 2023.


Thank you for partnering with us to ensure the best possible outcomes for your child. Together we will continue to achieve big things in 2023!

Wishing that you all enjoy a safe, restful and blessed Christmas break. I feel privileged to belong to this delightful community.

Our final day for 2022 is Wednesday 14 December.

Term Dates 2023

Term 1: Tuesday 31 January – Friday 14 April

Term 2: Tuesday 2 May – Friday 30 June *Tuesday 13 June – Student Free Day

Term 3: Tuesday 25 July – Friday 29 September

Term 4: Monday 16 October – Friday 8 December

John Robinson

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