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I would like to thank our Middle School students for a great term – how quickly it has flown by!

Despite COVID-19 logistics altering the structure of some of our regular programs, our students have still had some amazing opportunities…

Student Enrichment Program (STEP)

Friday afternoons have been a great opportunity for Middle School students to select an activity, learn new skills, and to further develop areas of interest and collaboration skills across year levels. Term 1 consisted of activities such as Food for Fun, Business Enterprise, and Specialist Sport with elite coaching staff. During Term 2, students produced some amazing pieces of artwork, creative Lego constructions and energetic dance performances. Next term, students will again have the ability to select from a wide variety of activities which will nurture their talents and promote their creativity.

The Rite Journey

Our Year 9 students have embraced The Rite Journey course, spending these lessons getting to know themselves and each other better. The entire Right Journey course is designed around students developing their self-worth, connections with the community and the importance of selfless acts. The Rite Journey girls group has spent a lot of time discussing body image concerns. Developing confident, healthy young women is an important part of our wellbeing strategy. The boys group have their time reflecting on male stereotypes and have discussed what it takes to be a ‘good man’ in today’s world. Looking ahead, we hope to involve our Rite Journey students in charitable community service activities.


Next term, all Middle School students will have the opportunity to attend a workshop run by Headspace. They will be provided with information on the following from trained health professionals.

Let’s Talk About It: Mental Health            

  • Understand your mental health and wellbeing.
  • Break down stigma about mental health.
  • Explore coping strategies.
  • Noticing within yourself when you need support.
  • Understanding and practising how to access supports with trusted adults and services.

Looking Out For Your Friends: Notice, Ask, Connect

  • Notice: identifying warning signs that a friend might not be OK.
  • Ask: how to have difficult conversations and ask your friend if they are OK.
  • Connect: how to help them find the best support and make sure you are looking out for your own self-care.

Wellbeing lessons

Every second week this term, students have participated in a variety of Wellbeing activities: yoga, dance, team building and learning to show gratitude. This has been a great opportunity for students (and staff) to learn some different strategies of how to look after their physical and mental health.

House Sport

Every Friday during Term 2, Middle and Senior School students have participated in a Volleyball tournament. It was fiercely competitive with students taking great pride in representing their House.

Have a great holiday break – see you all next term!

Lauren Travis
Wellbeing Leader Middle School

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