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In my job, I often see the kids who are struggling. The ones who find academics hard. The ones who don’t know how to make and keep friends. The ones who take up the teacher’s time and effort. The ones whose teacher will lie awake at night thinking about what more they can do to help them.
I usually read Psych reports or OT or Speech reports with low scores, and complex information about what a child can and cannot do, and where they fit in the world of language and learning. But there is so much more to a child than this.

There is the art or sport or music they excel at. There is their sense of humour, their caring heart, their interest in science or computers or geology. There is the way they look after their brother or sister, the sharing of their lunch, the special card they made for someone just to cheer them up. There is the time they took a friend to the office when they were hurt, or helped someone look for a lost toy.

As teachers, we see so much more than just what a child is able to do academically. We have relationships with them that are deeper than just one person imparting knowledge to another. We strive to know our students as more than just scores or statistics, or by what they can and can’t do. We seek to build a relationship of trust.

God must feel that way with us too. We are imperfect, broken, sinful. Unable to do things perfectly, or be the best. Our reports would be interesting to read; the things we do and don’t do. But God sees so much more. He sees all the things we do, or don’t do, and even the things we think; but He also sees our heart. He wants a relationship with us and He is interested in us. He is someone we can lean on, look to and talk to anytime; someone we can trust.

God has done everything He can to reach out to us and build a relationship with us.  We are truly blessed to have a God such as ours!

Jo Lush
Additional Learning Coordinator

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