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The Senior School has been a hive of activity this semester, despite the interrupted on-site learning and the exclusion of extra-curricular activities and guest presenters!

Year 12 Retreat

The year began with our Year 12 Retreat in Adelaide. Year 12 students were treated to university and student accommodation tours and information sessions, along with wellbeing activities, and of course, the dessert bars of North Adelaide.  Staying at North Adelaide in university accommodation gave students an authentic experience and allowed them access to the resources and challenges of inner city living. From this point they engaged in ‘The Amazing Race’ – Adelaide CBD and Glenelg edition!  Students made their way around the city utilising public transport and locating and familiarising themselves with cultural points of interest as well as valuable public service resources.

Transitioning from the serene Fleurieu Peninsula to the busyness of a capital city can be daunting for some. The Year 12 Retreat provides our students with the ability to become somewhat familiar with Adelaide city and start to imagine what their future may hold.


Wellbeing has always been a major component of Senior School planning and considerations for our students. This year has been even more challenging for some and as such a real focus on wellbeing and community has been a priority.

Mindfulness plays a key role in this and we have been very fortunate to have the expert guidance of Helen Treloar in this pursuit. Helen has provided students with resources, activities and genuine techniques to assist with anxiousness, stress and self-doubt.  We will continue to work with all Senior School students as the year progresses.

Students are encouraged to support one another and to work together as a community. Our Wellbeing Wall in the Senior School common room allows students to share messages of motivation, encouragement and a few laughs.

Of course, wellbeing would not be complete without ensuring our students are physically nourished. A vending machine and frozen meals have been a welcome addition to our Senior School. Senior School timetables differ from student to student and provide non-contact lessons at different times throughout the day, allowing our students to work through scheduled breaks. It is important that flexibility and independence is catered for when it comes to lunch and snacks. Providing these meal options has allowed students to attend leadership meetings, manage study sessions and attend any extra subject revision lessons.

Pathways and Planning

Whilst our traditional pathways and planning sessions may not have proceeded this semester, we have found new ways to connect with families and the broader community. The Senior School Subject Information event was held online across two nights this semester, allowing for families to ‘zoom’ in and have live discussions with subject teachers. In addition, videos were uploaded to the College site and provided detailed subject, faculty and SACE information as well as links to tertiary and training institutions, virtual career expos and tours for all to access at their convenience.

Further to these evenings, one-on-one subject and pathway student counselling sessions were held with each Year 11 student. These sessions are incredibly important, ensuring that each and every student has the ability to discuss subject selections, post-school options and requirements, challenges and opportunities.  It is crucial that we provide as many subject, traineeship and vocational options for our students, and in doing so we are creating aspirational, confident and well-rounded young adults, ready to move into their post-school years.

From Our Students

What impact did the remote learning period have on you?

Although it was a stressful and testing time, it enabled me to take time to fully reconnect with myself and structure out the rest of my Year 12. I was able to prioritise, plan and adapt in order to prepare myself for the remainder of the year. It also allowed me to reflect on the importance of the school community, and how lucky we are to have such frequent access to the teachers and facilities that are available at the College.

– Alicia Crowhurst, Year 12

I actually quite enjoyed the remote learning period because it allowed me to allocate my time to subjects as needed, rather than having to follow a timetable. However, I am glad to be back at school with the support of my teachers in person rather than through Zoom, even though that means I can’t stay in my pyjamas all day.

-Jenny Panozzo, Year 12

How were your Zoom lessons?

Zoom lessons, highs and lows?  Any funny stories?

I got attacked by wasps in an art Zoom call, it was a bit distracting. 

-Alicia Crowhurst, Year 12

What do you enjoy most about the Senior School and its resources?

 My most comfortable space is the art room. It is a place where the creative evolution of students throughout the years is visible through their works, so it is a very comforting and creative space. 

-Alicia Crowhurst, Year 12

Life in the Senior School has been great this year. We have so many great facilities to access such as the silent study area and the new vending machine. The teachers give us independence whilst still offering guidance and help when needed.

Jenny Panozzo, Year 12

Belinda Delyster
Dean of Senior School Students

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