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Mr Andrew Ayliffe

ROLE:  Middle/Senior Science & Agriculture

Andrew Ayliffe graduated from Investigator College in 2014 and eagerly returned to the College as an old scholar and new member of the Investigator College Staff Team!

Mr Andrew Ayliffe began working at Investigator College during 2022. Andrew teaches a combination of Middle School Maths and Science, as well as Agriculture. His homegroup includes the wonderful students in 8.4.

Andrew is glowingly described as being adored by his students. He works hard at creating meaningful lessons that encourage a love for the environment, empowers students, promotes students to use initiative and engages them in the curriculum.


What things do you like about Investigator College?

“I was lucky enough to attend Investigator College and when I was at school it has an excellent culture built on respect and inclusivity. I really enjoy how all the students get along so well amongst each other as well as with the teaching staff.

The College grounds are a big highlight for me with lots of room around our campus to spread-out which creates a variety of opportunities for outdoor learning! I love being a part of the Agriculture department. It’s a highlight for me being able to teach students about all sorts of applicable skills that are outside the scope of a normal classroom.”

What did you want to be when you grew up?

“I always wanted to be a scientist growing up. Science has always interested me. I love the wonder of the natural world and all the questions which you can come up with if you look closely. Geology was always the science I was most drawn towards.”

What skills do you have that we may not know about?

“I have my scuba diving licence and I have been getting into rock climbing and bouldering lately which keeps me pretty busy.”


What are some of your current passions and hobbies?

  • Rockclimbing/bouldering
  • Snowboarding (When I can get there)
  • Motorbike riding
  • 4wding & camping
  • Bushwalking
  • Hiking

Recommendations? Things to see or do (local/travelling)?

“My top places in SA would have to be Snellings Beach on Kangaroo Island. Pearly white sand and clear blue water! And, Baird Bay on the Eyre Peninsula. You can swim with seals and baby seals at the right time of the year.”


What words/comments would you use to describe this person?

“Andrew is always willing to help and has such a ‘can do’ attitude. He always has a smile on his face and will go out of his way to help others or the school in any way he can.”

“He is a ray of sunshine!!! Always positive and kind and willing to help out and get involved.”

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