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The Year 6 classes visited the Currency Creek EcoCentre on 25 October, 1 and 8 November as part of their Biological Sciences unit. During these three excursions, students explored how the growth and survival of living things are affected by the physical conditions of their environment.

Students engaged in a range of investigations about the factors that affect plant growth and also looked at how water quality affects the number and diversity of macro invertebrates in wetlands and the impact introduced fish species have had on native fish.

During the excursions, students were also involved in nature play activities like cubby house construction and creating artwork as they spent time outside exploring the natural environment.

Special thanks to:

– Sylvia Zukowski, an aquatic ecologist, who ran a session about native and introduced fish which involved collecting and identifying fish caught in traps at the site.

– Danielle Dutschke, an NRM educational officer, who attended two of the excursion days and ran sessions of wetlands and water quality testing.

– Cedric Varcoe, a contemporary Ngarrindjeri artist, who ran session with the students on weaving.

– Parent volunteer, Laura Meaney, who helped with fishing and removing over 500 tree guards.

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