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Whenever I have the opportunity to spend time with our students I am always inspired and ‘lifted’ by their hopes, their dreams and [particularly for our Senior students] their understanding of how they learn and the range of experiences they draw upon in seeking to solve problems and move through unfamiliar territory.

I relay to parents that education is a risky business.

In order that students grow physically, academically, spiritually and emotionally, they have to be challenged and ‘stretched’. This cannot always be done within the four walls of a classroom – therefore we venture out of the classroom for a range of sporting, cultural and outdoor experiences. It is a fundamental driver for our Currency Creek development and the College’s commitment to the outdoors, sustainability and conservation.

In the coming weeks, our Reception to Year 2 students will be involved in a Swimming Program – essentially providing them with the skills and confidence to be around and in water. Granted, some students are confident in the water while others have a long way to go, but the potential for rich interaction and learning outside the traditional classroom is exciting.

Likewise our Year 5s will travel to the Illawonga Camp in Week 7 to experience an extensive program of environmental, cultural and water- based activities on the banks of the Murray River. Students retell the stories from the Year 5 Camp [along with others] throughout their schooling – highpoints from previous years include the Foam Pit and the water activities.

Many of our students who are studying Japanese will host students from Japan from 13 – 25 March. The Yamanashi Visit is an ongoing partnership we share and these times are always a rich learning time for all concerned. Not only do our students hone their language skills, but they have the privilege to show international guests around our beautiful South Coast.

Finally our Junior School Parent Teacher Interviews are approaching –  19 March at the Goolwa Campus and 20 – 21 March at the Victor Harbor Campus.
As a College, we value greatly the communication we have with parents and caregivers as it is when school and home are working together that the optimum learning environment [at school and home] is created. Students [and adults!!!] value consistency and knowing where they stand and how they can improve. It is for this reason that I encourage all parents and caregivers to make an appointment to see your class teacher – even if you know everything is ‘peachy’.

If we genuinely seek that each of us becomes our best self – we have no choice but to step out of the classroom and take advantage of the extensive range of challenges and experiences with which we are blessed.

Mr Don Grimmett


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