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What makes a world-class school?

As the new Principal of Investigator College, a number of prospective families have asked me that exact question.

In a world-class school, you will see students engaged in personalised learning experiences – an acknowledgement of the fact that students are at differing stages of their learning journeys. Both collaborative and independent learning – and investigative opportunities – are given emphasis, with students striving for personal best achievements.

Students will be engaging in world-class 21st century learning experiences, including entrepreneurial opportunities, global video-conferencing, creativity seminars, Design and Technology plus agriculture, yet manners, values education, grammar, social etiquette and leadership remain key considerations.

In a world-class school, student, staff and community wellbeing form the very heart of programs. Respect, kindness, optimism, integrity and resilience are key features as together all stakeholders strive to be their best selves. The students are confident but not arrogant, poised to have a positive impact on the world in a nurturing, Anglican environment. They are ‘future ready’.

A world-class school features an inspiring environment. Spacious classrooms with serene outlooks, a lush playing field, sports courts, vegetable plots, animal yards, Food Technology kitchens, a Performing Arts Theatre and playgrounds are complemented by a stunning nature play area, where pro-social skills are fostered.

To be truly world-class, a school must extend beyond standard  offerings. With an inspiring waterfront EcoCentre at Currency Creek – the only one of its kind – we enable students to achieve national certification in conservation, land management and sustainability.

In a world-class school, families feel a sense of belonging. Strong connections are formed with the dedicated staff with whom they work in partnership, and exceptional Year 12 results give students the option of doing whatever they wish in the years beyond.

How fortunate we are to have this world-class school right here on the South Coast. I feel privileged to be the new Principal of Investigator College and look forward to developing authentic connections with you all. It has been great to meet so many of you at recent College events. Please drop in and say hello if you have not already done so.

Mr John Robinson, Principal

Annual Board Strategic Direction and Governance Review

On 14 and 15 February the Board convened its annual Strategic Direction and Governance Review, held at Currency Creek on Friday night and the Senior School on Saturday.

The Board formally welcomed Principal John Robinson who attended both days, and the Executive team joined the Board for a session on Saturday to update on the implementation plan for achieving the Strategic Directions 2019-2021, and to talk about the year ahead.

The two-day program focused on ensuring good governance of the College and included a review of the Constitution and further development of a Board Charter. Focus areas were Board roles and responsibilities, composition, effectiveness, integrity and accountability, and engagement with stakeholders.

As part of our commitment to improve engagement, we will provide an update about the Board in Directions after each Board meeting.

We will also continue and expand an initiative we commenced last year, inviting staff to attend Board meetings to present and talk about a particular curriculum area, program or passion project, which will be facilitated through John Robinson.

We look forward to a productive year in 2020 and to providing regular updates and information to the College community.


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