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Role Models of Resilience, Integrity, Gratitude and Discernment

There is no relationship quite like the one between grandparents and grandchildren. Without the pressures of parenthood, but with the wisdom and experience that come with age, grandparents can be devoted role models and nurturers, enthusiastic playmates and patient providers of knowledge, values and reassurance. Their role-modelling of resilience strategies, integrity, gratitude and discernment is not to be underestimated. Similarly, cousins, neighbours and other special friends can fulfil this role.

The Investigator College Grandparents and Grand Friends Day was indeed a highlight of our Term 1 calendar, and last week we were blessed to host unprecedented numbers of supportive and grateful visitors. In my quest to get to know every grandparent, I was fortunate in having conversations with grandparents who had travelled from England, America, Adelaide, Bool Lagoon, Stansbury, Kadina, Hahndorf and Hindmarsh Island, and a myriad of towns and country regions in between. Our visitors were all present because they are important in the lives of our students and each one of these fine citizens contributes to our very special Investigator College community.

Congratulations and thank you to all students, staff and families who made this event so memorable.


5 reasons why you might attend our Athletics Carnivals

Our Athletics Carnivals are a reflection of work covered in PE lessons, focusing on skills and attitudes required to excel in track and field activities, yet Athletics Carnival is much more than a curriculum showcase. In fact, I am told that, at Investigator, it is an institution! Please read on to see why you definitely should make every effort to attend on Thursday 12 March (Middle/Senior School) or Friday 13 March (Junior School). More details to follow soon…

1. Happy Childhood memories

I am certain you can remember your own Athletics Carnivals. I know it was my favourite day of the year. I still remember my parents being there from my very first event, the thrill of showing them my ribbons after events, and enjoying a picnic lunch as a family. Some of my friends would join up with the Robinsons at lunchtime, as my mother would pack enough food for a small army. Later on, I recall being House Captain and being genuinely delighted to witness the best efforts of my team members. Please be there for your own children. Happy, secure childhood memories lead to resilient adults who are poised for successful lives, involving healthy relationships.

2. The company

A major community event, Athletics Carnivals provides a brilliant opportunity to catch up with the families of Investigator College. Every year we have new families begin here, so the opportunity exists to expand your social group also.

3. The competition

I remember attending my eldest daughter’s first Sports Day at another school, and being a non-competitive ‘tabloid’ experience, it really was a non-event.  Parents, staff and children all stood around not appearing to understand the object of planned activities. At Investigator, we believe that inter-House competition is healthy, gives added purpose, a basis to develop resilience and prepares students for the real world. Importantly, we also teach, model and expect good sportsmanship. All students are members of a House, and please feel free to dress in this colour yourself. Remember to be a good role model by wearing a hat and applying sunscreen also.

4. Atmosphere

Making events such as the Athletics Carnivals community events helps gives Investigator a certain ‘soul’ that I believe is missing in many other schools. I saw this at the recent Surf Carnival as well. At events such as these you will witness a respectful, supportive atmosphere that will make you feel excited to be part of this thriving Anglican College. Please enjoy a sausage kindly cooked by the Lions Club, a snack from our canteen or a coffee from a coffee van (Friday only). I have been informed that parent numbers have been down at the Middle and Senior Athletics Carnival. Let’s change that this year!

5. The staff

Athletics Carnivals provide a great opportunity to meet our staff team. They will all be there – leading events, judging, scoring, cheering and supervising – and I feel so proud of the great effort that they put in to ensure the success of this very important day. For organiser, Peter Daish and the hardworking PE faculty, Athletics Day is an event they have been planning since last year. Staff also love to catch up with you on the day, so please come along and say hello. Grandparents and special friends are also most welcome.

Below is the link for a youtube clip of inspiring sportsmanship. Please enjoy this as a family.

Please join me at my very first Investigator College Athletics Carnival.

Parents and Friends – we need you.

It gives me pleasure to announce that we are re-establishing a Parents and Friends Group at our fine College. Involvement with this team enables you to give back, to support College initiatives, to connect with other parents and to raise funds to benefit current and future students. It feels good to know that your efforts are making Investigator College an even better place. Shortly, you will be sent a form where you can nominate to become a member.

We are also currently seeking volunteers to assist in the canteen. If you have completed the College volunteer registration process and have a current Working with Children’s Check lodged with College, please email

John Robinson


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