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Written by Junior School College Captains Oscar Hirsch and Lacey Vande Kamp

On Tuesday 17 May, we arrived at school early and the Junior and Middle School Leaders jumped on a minibus with Mr Tenny and Mr McGregor. We drove to the beautiful town of Adelaide and parked outside the towering St Peter’s Cathedral. We walked through the double doors into the stunning interior of the Cathedral, the light shined through the detailed stained-glass windows.

We sat down on one of many rows of wooden benches, with all the other Anglican Schools in the area.  We listened to an introduction speech about the cathedral. We then split into groups and went to do different activities around the church, including singing, learning prayers, touring the church and doing some drawings.

One of my favourite activities was learning about the architecture of the Cathedral and the history of the place. We had to climb up a stone spiral staircase to get to the top level of the cathedral. From there we could see down on all of the interior of the building.

For the rest of the day we spent our time interacting with other schools, learning prayers and all about our God. At around lunch time we all came together for the closing ceremony. Two of our local priests came and told us all about their role. We did some action prayers and listened to a speech about global citizenship.

Next, we walked out into the busy streets of Adelaide and had our lunch on the grass. We got back onto the minibus and travelled back to Investigator. Overall this was a great learning experience executed in a fun way.

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