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The learning journey of every Reception to Year 2 student is incredibly important in these formative years. Our College’s strong curriculum, excellent teaching, learning and embracing of our Anglican School values and culture are all aspects that shape us as teachers and also the students.

Team work has been the focus for the Reception to Year 2 classes this term.  We all have varying character traits and degrees of success when we work in teams, whether it be in the classroom, in the home, on the sporting field or in our workplace. The ability to show kindness, empathy, respect and consideration are just some ‘getting along’ skills that we are supporting our students with, that will allow them to grow in these areas.

Our Lego Masters competition and Animal Habitat creations were opportunities for students to work together to achieve a goal within a group and discover the difficulties that can arise in group work and then work through these difficulties as a whole class. In PE lessons, instead of blowing the whistle for a free or out of bounds call, I would blow the whistle and identify, highlight and reinforce models of kindness, respect, great team work and encouragement that we are looking for all students to adopt and continue.

Reconciliation Week also provided the opportunity to openly discuss with students about our attitude in approaching people in our community who we may perceive to be different to us, or who may have different needs to us. We openly discussed how our attitudes and thoughts can either contribute to harmony or conflict within the community, including our own family and classes.  As a College, we are committed to educating our students to celebrate our differences and to embrace any cultural differences with love, acceptance, understanding and tolerance at all times.

These values help build confidence, respect, friendship and collaboration skills that transfer to our classrooms, our workplaces and wherever we go in life.

We thank you for the opportunity to teach your children and support them with a rigorous curriculum, high expectations and in a community that continues to develop each student in every way possible.

Mark Tenny
Wellbeing Leader Reception – Year 2

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