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On 7 and 8 September, the Year 12 Drama class performed ‘Out of the Ordinary’ as part of their final assessment for the subject. The performance is the equivalent of their exam, and was the culmination of four months worth of preparation, planning and rehearsal.

Starring Lauren Beckett, Coleman Kain, Josiah Kelly, Kirsten Miller, Jude Mills, Alec Morris, Isobel Pitt and Olivia Scott, ‘Out of the Ordinary’ was a challenging play for these eight young actors, and they did themselves proud. On the final night, they were visited by the writer of the play, Alex Vickery-Howe, as well as the original director, Joh Hartog, and two of the original cast members, all of whom spoke to our cast after the show and were very impressed with the talent our students showed.

It takes a great deal of courage to perform for an audience, and the Year 12 Drama class went above and beyond. We are very proud of these young actors, and the incredible work that they have done.

REVIEW OF YEAR 12 DRAMA PRODUCTION – written by Mr Andrew Panozzo.

I was able to see the Year 12 Drama Performance once only. The play “Out of the Ordinary”, written by Alex Vickery-Howe, was superbly staged and acted. As someone who has worked (but, now no longer has the spare time) in theatre, as an actor and director, for many years, I must say that Thursday was one of the more satisfying theatre experiences I have had. To see such young performers portray much older and societally dysfunctional characters so convincingly was, for me, the highlight. As I told the actors, they resisted the temptation to “over act” their parts – a very powerful temptation in plays that are emotionally charged.

“Out of the Ordinary” is a play about what it means to lead happy and meaningful lives. It achieves this through a multi-layered script, rich symbolism and superb characters: the laconic and unnervingly honest Theo (Lauren Beckett); her delusional and dissatisfied father, Jasper (Alec Morris); his suburban saint of a wife, Babs (Isobel Pitt); the insouciant idealists, Sasha and Figsby (Jude Mills and Kirsten Miller); the frail would be revolutionary, Wallace (Josiah Kelly); the ethereal voice of strained conscience and consciousness, Anni (Olivia Scott); and the parasitic shyster, Chad Mombardo (Coleman Kain). Sarah Westgarth not only staged an intellectually and emotionally confronting play with great courage and conviction, but was able to inspire her actors to play their parts with skill that belied their ages and experiences.

Alas…there are no more performances scheduled…but, if there were, how would I promote it?

Probably like this:

If you are comfortable with routine, and would prefer not to think too deeply about modern life…don’t go to see the Year 12 Drama Performance.

If you’d prefer not to see the crises that affect so many families… don’t go to see the Year 12 Drama Performance.

If you’d prefer to think that no one drinks, smokes or swears… don’t go to see the Year 12 Drama Performance.


If you are prepared to be challenged, even confronted; if you’d like to open a sentient window and peer inside the moral and existential complexities facing today’s families; if you would like to see a play performed authentically, sensitively and courageously:


It is titled: “Out of the Ordinary”.

You will see why.

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