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This site is designed to streamline the process of reselling your old reference/text books to the next year level of students. It is to be used by students and parents in consultation with each other. Teachers will have authorised the book lists for the next year and only books that are on the book list will be able to be resold. If you wish to sell reference/text books that are not on next year’s books lists, please use eBay or similar.

The site is designed to be as easy to use as possible and will use automation to pre-fill booklists, provide prices based on condition of books, email updates to participants and other functions. The functions of this site attempt to mirror as closely as possible the reselling functions performed by the administration staff in previous years.

When a book is added to your ‘buy’ or ‘sell’ list it will appear on the Home page.
From there you can click on the icons next to the status of each book to:
1 contact the buyer or seller
3 remove items that were entered in error
4 seller will mark items as complete when the transaction has taken place

If for some reason you have changed your mind and do not wish to sell the book, you will need to 2contact the buyer and ask them to remove the book from their ‘to buy’ list before you can remove the item. Please only place books on the site you wish to sell or buy to assist in the smooth running of the site.

Selling Books
Select the 'Sell' function from the top menu bar. Select each book that you have for resale from the list of books, select its condition from the options and the price will be automatically generated from retail price based on the following.

Buying Books
Select the 'Buy' function from the top menu bar. Select your Year Level (for 2009) and the books you need will be presented in a list.
You will see which books are available and what condition they are in and can select to purchase items as necessary.
This site only can cater for books that have been marked as for sale by previous students.
If there are no books for sale you may return at a later date to check again or purchase new books from Lighthouse Books.

Contact Us
If you have any problems, please email with as much detail as possible (eg the page you were on, what you were trying to do and as much other relevant information as you can.) Screen shots of any errors would be appreciated if possible. Also supply your full name and student ID so we can assist you efficiently.

The financial transaction is between the buyer and seller only.  Investigator College does not accept any responsibility for transactions conducted using this site. 

Account Details
To change your account details click on "Logged in as ..." then on the My Account link.