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Our Vision

Setting the benchmark, striving to be a leader in our community and
recognised as the first-choice educator on the South Coast.

Our Mission

Everything we do is an investment in community, wellbeing and the future.

 Our Purpose

Providing the opportunity for you to be YOUR BEST SELF.
A happy, confident, well-rounded leader who is grateful for your opportunities.

Our Values

We want our community, our students and our staff to strive, to see the opportunities to be more,
to do more and to continuously improve themselves and those around them.

We want to have a greater impact on our community, pro-actively listening to
and looking for ways we can encourage our local community and empower each other to be at our best.

We want people to understand their gifts, talents and unique nature.
We want to uncover them and empower them to be their best self.

We want every person to belong, to feel welcome, encouraged,
valued and supported to be their best self.

We want to share the hope of Jesus Christ with our community through our actions
inspired by the teachings and moral values of our Christian faith and heritage.

We want to remove the barriers around us that hold people back. No matter what we do,
we want to ensure that those around us have the opportunity and the choice to join in.

We want to build a trusting and honest relationship with each other
and the community we serve, valuing confidentiality and openness equally.

Whatever personal excellence looks like to you, we want to cultivate and encourage
a high standard, working together to uphold it.

Our Logo

Green land meets blue sea surrounded by the nautical compass.
The Cross reminds us of the centrality of the Christian message of hope.