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Our Vision

A caring Christian community open to all, encouraging excellence, and providing a path for lifelong learning.

Our Mission


Inspire students to personal excellence

To inspire, educate and nurture all students and College community members to develop their unique talents and to strive for personal excellence in all their endeavours.



Develop attractive and efficient multi-campus facilities

To create attractive, aesthetically sympathetic learning environments that inspire students and staff and provides identity as a R-12 College.



Embody Christian values

To demonstrate by our example the love and grace of Jesus Christ and the hope He brings to our world.



Integrate College activities with the wider community

To work in partnership with families, the community of the South Coast and national and international interests to fulfil our mission and corporate responsibility.



Ensure distinction through the quality performance of the College Staff

To attract, develop and retain the highest order of professionals committed to excellence through continuous improvement.



Direct a sustainable, best practice, independent college

To maintain a Board of Governors committed to prayerful stewardship and governance of the College.


Our Logo

Green land meets blue sea surrounded by the nautical compass.
The Cross reminds us of the centrality of the Christian message of hope.


Our Commitment

Open to All

Investigator College is committed to:

  • access for a broad range of families in our community who accept and uphold the value statements of the College
  • excellent education at an affordable cost
  • providing an academically challenging and caring learning environment
  • providing a range of learning pathways for a range of learning needs
  • the partnership of family in each student’s development


Encouraging Excellence

Investigator College is committed to:

  • the development of the whole student
  • a complete curriculum framework for development (R-12)
  • the recognition of each student as a unique being created in God’s image
  • the discovery of each student’s God-given passions, talents and skills
  • the development of its programs, its methodologies and excellent teaching


Pathways for Lifelong Learning

Investigator College is committed to:

  • an emphasis on and understanding of the process of learning
  • the development of a learning community; parents, students and staff
  • learning how to learn


Our Values

Equity, Inclusiveness and Social Justice

Investigator College is a family school. The College has an open entry policy and affirms the right of all students to achieve their potential in all areas of development whilst in the care of the College.

Acceptance, Tolerance, Love

Investigator College aims to provide a Christ-centred education. This will assist students to develop acceptance, tolerance, courtesy, consideration and love for other people.


In our learning community, we stress the importance of honesty, integrity and respect for others in all interactions between students, parents, staff and the wider community.


The development of an ethos of compassion and service to others is fostered through the curriculum and social service programs at all year levels in the College.

Effort, Commitment

We aim to establish a supportive atmosphere in which students are encouraged to strive to achieve their best, to not be afraid of failure and to work diligently and persistently over a period of time.

Accepting Responsibility

Empowering students to accept greater levels of responsibility and independence.

Active Participation

Encouraging student initiative and involvement in the learning process and active participation in society at large is fundamental to an Investigator education.

Personal Faith

Encouraging students to develop their relationship with Christ and to acknowledge this as a foundation for their lives.