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On Tuesday 10 May the Year 10 Geography students and teachers were treated to glorious weather for their Field Trip studying our local coastlines. Field skills are an essential component of Geography and we are blessed with a beautiful local environment to be able to conduct our studies in. We began our journey at the beautiful Goolwa Beach then stopped at Middleton Point, Basham’s Beach, Horseshoe Bay, The Hindmarsh River/Estuary and finally at Petrel Cove.

Students were able to test their field skills at each of these locations. Some of those skills included measuring longshore drift, wave height and frequency, shore slope, weather conditions and photographic evidence. The students will then use that data to create a report on the local coastline to highlight features of Destructive and Constructive coasts, as well evidence of human impact.

Not only were students treated to beautiful weather and conditions, they also saw two seals in full hunting mode and enjoyed the releasing of the water at the Hindmarsh River Inlet.

Year 10 Geography provides an excellent foundation for students to study SACE Geography as well as other related subjects, such as Tourism and Science.

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