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Pathways to lifelong learning

Students will be equipped with valuable tools for learning such as critical thinking, problem solving and creative
and lateral thinking which can be applied to all learning in life.
watch the filmFamilies can expect the College to have a real interest in and respect for each individual Middle School student
and their journey as both a student and emerging young adult.

All Middle School students encounter a wide variety of subjects offered in order to broaden experience and place students in a position to be able to make informed decisions about their subject choices in their Senior School years.
Throughout Middle School, students study a range of core subjects and are progressively given the option of selecting from specialist subjects.

Aside from the core areas such as Mathematics, English, Science, History and SOSE, students enjoy a variety of subjects as they move through their Middle Schooling years including Thinking and Learning, ICT, Performing Arts, Physical Education, Food and Hospitality, Agriculture, Art, Wood Technology, and more…

Part of becoming a young adult is learning to deal with increasing levels of expectations based on the development of maturity, common sense and self-discipline.

In the College context, this means that we encourage students to demonstrate behaviour that is respectful, complies with rules,
shows initiative, and reflects a desire to learn.

Middle and Senior School students have particular responsibilities which are in line with their role-model status within the College community.

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The Rite Journey provides a unique educational program designed to support the development of self-aware, vital, responsible, respectful and resilient adults.

By raising young people’s consciousness about transitioning from child to adult and having conversations with them about what really matters, we can assist in guiding their journey into adulthood.

The year-long program uses a Rites of Passage framework to deepen the students’ experience of this important life transition.

You can read more information about the program and what it entails on the website:


The following is a list of principles which underpin The Rite Journey.

  • to offer a healthy rite of passage for adolescents
  • to provide a same-gender teacher-guide who will promote a passage toward, and an example of, responsible, respectful adulthood for the students
  • to acknowledge and develop the holistic nature of the students
  • to show students by example that they are cared for and loved
  • to allow for single sex classes to cover gender-specific issues
  • to develop strong relationships – with peers and adults – that will continue to be a support into adult life
  • to incorporate mentoring from ‘elders’ and for ‘younger students’
  • to encourage students to discover their own talents and abilities
  • to address the physical, social, psychological, emotional and spiritual changes happening in students’ lives in a safe and structured way and to celebrate the growth of the students in these areas throughout the year
  • to nurture the self-esteem of students
  • to help students understand that individual rights should be balanced by reciprocal responsibilities and service to others
  • to open students to greater understanding of themselves and awareness of their beliefs
  • to encourage resilience in the students in the face of challenge
  • to provide a safe means for young people to share and discover who they really are
  • to encourage students to consider the ‘childish’ behaviours and attitudes they are ready to let go of and to begin considering the adult they will become and the contribution that they might make to the world