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Our students wear their uniforms and College colours proudly, both on-campus, and when representing Investigator College in our local community.


Our Uniform

Worn daily by all students, the Investigator College uniform is designed to be distinctive, comfortable, practical and economical.

Our College uniform is an affirmation of belonging – a statement of pride and a consolidation of our identity, culture and community.

The College colours and logo are worn with pride, with each variation of our uniform serving to identify our learners not only as Investigator College students, but as leaders of the future.

Uniform Policy

In addition to the pride our students take in wearing our College colours, our uniform also serves a number of additional purposes, which become especially important when students are away from the College grounds on excursions, or when representing the College in other extra-curricular activities.

The expectations for the wearing of our College Uniform are outlined in our Uniform Policy.

Uniform Variations

Like our subject offerings and learning spaces, our uniforms are designed to be fit-for-purpose. 

College Uniform

  • College Blazer (Year 7 – Year 12)
  • Investigator College Tie (Navy ties are worn by students in Years 3 to 8; Petrel Green ties are worn by students in Years 9 to 12)
  • Formal Shirt (may be short or long sleeved)
  • Pinafore – worn by students from Prep/Reception to Year 2 (inclusive)
  • Skirt – worn by students from Year 3 to Year 12
  • Knitted Jumper (for warmth if needed)
  • Formal Trousers – Charcoal
  • College Socks (Grey banded College socks worn with Charcoal Grey Trousers and Shorts, White banded College socks worn with Dresses and Skirts)
  • College Tights (optional)
  • Black leather lace-up traditional style shoes
  • Accessories – colour coded or purchased from the Uniform Shop (we have a great range of hair accessories)

Students in Years 7 – 12 are required to wear their Blazers with either Summer or Formal uniforms on occasions where students are seen to be representing the College, both on campus and in the community.  Students will be informed when this is required.

*Investigator College Tie is optional, however will be required when presenting things on stage.

Sports Uniform

Our Sports Uniform is designed specifically for sport or physical activity, and is worn during Health and Physical Education, or during other arranged activities.

Our Sports Uniform typically includes:

  • Investigator College Polo Shirt
  • Investigator College Sports Shorts or Track Pants
  • Investigator College Rugby Top
  • College Sports Socks
  • Appropriate Sports or Performance Shoes (relevant to activity)

Our House Polo Shirts are optional, and may be worn on occasions when students are representing or competing on behalf of their College House.

Please note, for excursions and interschool events Investigator College Sports Polo tops are to be worn, not house colour polos.

Investigator College has four houses (Banksia, Blue Gum, Wattle and Waratah), each with their own distinct colour. House Polo Shirts are available from the Uniform Shop.

College Sports Socks (optional, otherwise white or grey banded College socks or plain white crew socks (non-branded) may be permitted)


Uniform Guide

An overview of our College Uniform, along with diagrams and examples of appropriate wear can be found in our Uniform Guide.


Uniform Shop

All Investigator College Uniforms can be purchased through our Uniform Shop, with online ordering available.

Location & Opening Hours

Our Uniform Shop is located on-campus (Room 1B, located facing the Quadrangle between classes 5 and 6), and for the 2024 school year will be open on the following days/times during the regular school term:

Tuesday: 1:00pm – 4:00pm
Thursday: 8:00am – 11:00am

Price List

The Investigator College Uniform is supplied by Perm-A-Pleat, with prices managed externally.

A copy of the most recent Uniform Price List is available below:

Online Orders

Online orders are processed when the Uniform Shop is open during the school term, while orders placed over school holiday breaks are processed once the shop re-opens in the first week of the new term.

Orders are processed in the Uniform Shop, and customers will receive a notification when they are ready for collection.

If you are unable to collect your order by close of business on the day it is ready, your order will be taken to Student Services, where it can be collected on days where the Uniform Shop is unattended.

Uniform Fittings

Uniform Fitting Appointments are highly recommended for new students, who require a fitting for a full new uniform, or for students who may have specific needs.

Uniform fittings may be booked online using the link below.

Please ensure that you book a separate time slot for each child requiring a fitting.


Second-Hand Uniforms

Second-hand uniform items are able to be sold, and purchased, via the College Administration offices on a consignment basis.

A list of our current second-hand uniform items is available below: