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We invite you to explore our Junior School — a place where wonder, amazement and curiosity are encouraged, new discoveries are made, new abilities are mastered, and new milestones are reached
— each and every day!

Junior School

Our Junior School:
Beginning A Lifelong Learning Journey

From their very first step into our Reception classroom, on their very first day, our Junior School provides outstanding support for young learners as they embark on new and exciting learning adventures.

Each learner enrolled at Investigator College receives a world-class education, underpinned by the development of key skills that equip, empower and encourage them to engage in successful lifelong learning.

Guided, supported and cared for by expert teaching and learning staff, we approach learning with wonder, curiosity and adventure, encouraging our Junior School students to explore new environments, try new things and embrace each new experience as a new opportunity to learn and grow.

Across our Junior School, we are committed to ensuring that each individual learner has the fullest opportunity to become, and be, their very best self.

Each child enrolled in our Junior School enjoys and benefits from:

Individual Attention

We deliberately keep our Junior School class sizes as small as possible, allowing time and space for each learner to build strong relationships with teaching staff and to engage deeply in their daily learning.

Exceptional Teaching and Learning

From your child’s very first day at Investigator College, they receive a world-class education, supported by access to our extensive range of facilities and specialist learning environments.

Our curriculum is tailored for learners at each stage of their journey and driven by inquiry, curiosity and a continual investment in student wellbeing – creating happy, healthy, engaged learners who are excited to discover new skills and explore new ideas.

Outstanding Support

At Investigator College, we believe that education is a partnership between our students, our staff and our parents and caregivers.

The specialist expertise of our Junior School teachers, Learning Support Officers and school leaders inspires young learners to achieve their very best – both within the classroom, and as growing, community-minded global citizens.

We’re committed to supporting each learner, and their family, through every stage of the learning journey and our expert educators work hand-in-hand with parents/caregivers and our Learning Strategies Team to ensure that each child receives the best possible opportunity to be their very best self.

Positive Education and Wellbeing

At Investigator, we believe that if our students are happy healthy and engaged in both the learning and their friendships they will achieve superior academic outcomes.

As a registered (PESA) Positive Education Schools Association School we place wellbeing at the forefront of all that we do. Wellbeing and Values Education (WAVE) is taught explicitly throughout our Junior School years, complemented by a number of key programs that are designed to help growing learners identify and develop their character strengths, develop resiliency, cultivate self-awareness and engage in respectful and positive relationships with others.

Co-Curricular Opportunities

We understand that learning extends far beyond the classroom. and take great pride in providing opportunities for all students to engage in a broad range of extra-curricular opportunities.

From lunchtime and after school clubs to sports and athletics, our Junior School students are encouraged to explore their passions and interests beyond the classroom.

To help further expand the horizons of our younger learners, structured opportunities to explore learning areas that move beyond the regular curriculum are extended by our Investig8 Program, which aims to develop skills and capabilities in 8 key areas through an exciting program of activities and projects.

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    Junior School

    Junior School Curriculum

    Anchored by the development of excellence in literacy and numeracy, our Junior School Curriculum seamlessly blends traditional academic subjects with creative and collaborative learning opportunities to excite and engage young learners.

    From Reception to Year 6, our curriculum emphasises the development of key skills and the building of core knowledge that drives capability in learning for the future.

    Beginning with a focus on literacy (reading, spelling, grammar and punctuation) and numeracy (mathematics) as the cornerstones, we offer a full range of specialised subjects to each learner, including science, history, geography, music, the arts, health and physical education and Japanese.

    Core Curriculum

    Providing students with the opportunity to engage with the full breadth of subject areas, our core Junior School curriculum includes:

    • English
    • Mathematics
    • History
    • Geography
    • Science
    • Technology
    • Health Education
    • Music
    • The Arts
    • Physical Education
    • Values and Wellbeing
    • Japanese

    Our Core Curriculum is supplemented and supported by dedicated intervention and acceleration programs in Literacy and Numeracy, helping to ensure our Junior School learners receive the best possible foundation for their educational future.

    Literacy and Numeracy

    Recognising that reading, writing and mathematics are core to any future learning, our Junior School syllabus emphasises and encourages the early development and mastery of essential skills in literacy and numeracy.

    Renowned evidence backed literacy and numeracy programs are taught across the Junior School, through an approach which blends traditional pedagogy with the application of learned knowledge to real-world problem solving.

    Our focus on numeracy and mathematics is complemented by an innovative cross-curricular approach to building skills in reading, writing and language – harnessing the learning undertaken across the full breadth of subject areas to continuously improve literacy and comprehension.

    Learning To Learn

    In our Junior School, additional emphasis is placed on ‘learning to learn’ – equipping students with the skills and abilities that allow them to better engage with new concepts, new ideas and new information.

    ‘Learning to Learn’ takes in socio-emotional and neurological facets of development through the Junior Years of schooling and includes increasing capacity for critical thinking, problem solving, cooperation, collaboration and communication.

    Our focus on developing skills for effective learning also fosters positive learning environments, with very few behavioural incidences, as each student builds an increasing understanding and appreciation for the value of opportunities to learn. 

    Specialised Learning: Subjects and Environments

    Use of specialised teaching and learning environments allows our learners to fully explore their subjects, and helps to contextualise learning beyond the classroom and textbooks.

    From Physical Education in our Sports Centre to opportunities to engage in science, agriculture and eco-education at our unique Currency Creek campus, Investigator College offers each learner – from Reception through to Year 12 – the opportunity to benefit from our exceptional teaching and learning facilities.

    Making the most of our access to pristine wetlands, Environmental Science is a focus throughout our Junior School, with all year levels engaging in regular trips to our EcoCentre at Currency Creek, including an immersive program of activity in Year 3 (Currency Creek Custodians Program).

    Robotics and Coding is also taught as a specialist subject throughout the Junior School, with both Vex Robotics and OzBots used to facilitate digital literacy and vital skills for harnessing technology as a tool for learning.


    Junior School
    Curriculum Guide

    An overview of our Junior School Curriculum, including details on each of the subjects offered across our year levels from Reception to Year 6 is available in our Junior School Curriculum Guide.

    While the breadth and depth of our curriculum at Investigator College is extensive and incorporates learning across a wide range of subject areas, key aspects of our teaching and learning across our Junior School include:

    Exciting, engaging and differentiated learning, with an explicit focus on developing excellence in the areas of Literacy, Numeracy and Critical Thinking.

    Focus on the steady acquisition and development of foundational skills that equip and empower students for lifelong learning.

    Access to specialist teaching and learning environments, and opportunities to explore our world-class eco-campus at Currency Creek.

    Effective Early Intervention and Acceleration Programs to support and develop the full capability of each individual learner.

    Junior School

    Kindness and Connection:
    Our Junior School Staff

    At Investigator College, the first years of your child’s learning journey are in capable hands — our Junior School Staff are leaders in the development and delivery of innovative curriculum and experts in providing high-quality Junior Years education

    Each of our classroom leaders is an expert in the delivery of best practice Primary Years education.

    Supported by educational leaders with a breadth of expertise in student wellbeing, curriculum and innovation, Investigator offers a teaching and learning environment informed by a commitment to excellence in daily classroom practice.

    Our intention is for the quality of our teaching and learning, and the quality of our educators, to truly set Investigator College apart, and to provide an outstanding education with bountiful opportunities allowing each and every learner to be their very best self.

    In addition to the expertise and experience of our educators, working in partnership with parents and caregivers creates an environment of genuine relationships, kindness, respect, care and community – characteristics we view as vital to the development of our students.

    Across Investigator College, behavioural incidences are low, allowing all students to focus on receiving the best possible education and ensuring that your child is supported and cared for at each stage of their learning journey.


    John Robinson


    Grant Bock

    Head of Junior School

    Katie Hills

    Junior School Curriculum Coordinator

    Mark Tenny

    Junior School Wellbeing Coordinator


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