Our Vision, Mission & Values

At Investigator College, everything we do is an investment in community, wellbeing and the future providing every student with every possible opportunity to be their very best self.

Vision and Values

Community. Wellbeing.

At Investigator College, everything we do is an investment in community, wellbeing and the future. Striving to lead, and to be leaders, our vision is for Investigator College to be characterised by excellence, and to be recognised as the first-choice educator on the South Coast.

Our Vision

First Choice Education on the Fleurieu

Families seeking high standards and tailored pathways, and particularly strong levels of pastoral care, will seek an Investigator education. Highly skilled teachers will also be attracted to our College.

Our Mission

Fulfilled, innovative, empowered for life

Investigator students experience a broad, world-class curriculum with opportunities to discover their passions; equipping them to embrace innovation and enjoy a fulfilled life.

Our Values

Excellence // Creativity // Community // Sustainability // Respect

Pillar One Teaching, Learning and Wellbeing

Students are engaged, appropriately and fulfilled whatever their pathway or journey.

Pillar Three – Grounds and Facilities

Grounds and facilities are appealing, fit for purpose, well utilised and meet student needs.

Pillar Five- Financial Sustainability

The College is in a strong financial position for the students of today and the next generation.

Pillar Two - Innovative Offerings

Curriculum and co-curricular programs are engaging, diverse and agile.

Pillar Four – Connection and Engagement

Investigator students feel a strong sense of allegiance and the College is well connected with the community.

Pillar Six – People and Culture

Investigator College is an employer of choice in South Australia.

Vision And Values

Exploration and Discovery:
Our Name & History

Investigator College is named after the HMS Investigator – the ship captained by Matthew Flinders on his voyage to circumnavigate Australia in 1802.

Imbued with the same spirit of adventure and discovery, Investigator College seeks to inspire students, staff and parents in their own voyage of learning by the same pioneering spirit and sense of adventure that was so evident in our early explorers.

A Legacy of Discovery and Exploration

Matthew Flinders remains an inspiration and a visionary whose spirit is captured in words like faith, skill, risk, endeavour, adventure and hope – qualities we continue to value as we carry on a legacy of discovery, exploration and pioneering spirit at Investigator College.

Our Compass: Setting Direction for Learning and Life

Our College logo captures the heart of our history, our geography and our vision for leadership, striving and setting a course toward the future success of everyone we work with.

The green land meets blue sea with the two opposing chevrons. And as they meet they are surrounded by the nautical compass, giving us direction, understanding and a way forward.

As these two shapes meet, they form a cross. The cross reminds us of the centrality of the hope of Jesus Christ that we aim to share with our community, not just through our actions but in the teaching and moral values we uphold.

This emblem, which adorns our uniform and is worn proudly by staff and students, reflects the means by which we determine our direction, discern the way forward, and lead others on our journey of lifelong learning.


Discover Life and Learning at Investigator College

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