Our Fees

Fee Schedules and Financial Information outlining the affordability of education at Investigator College.

Fee Schedule

Reception – Year 12
Fee Schedule

Each year, careful consideration and a high degree of importance is placed on ensuring that the high quality of education we provide at Investigator  College remains affordable and attainable for all families.

We strive continuously to deliver an affordable world-class education, and extensive extra-curricular opportunities, while ensuring we maintain a sustainable approach to the changing needs of our students into the future.

Our College Fees are set annually, with an updated fee schedule (for the following year) published each November.

Our Senior Leadership Team, along with our College Board are pleased to announce that there will be no increase to Tuition Fees for the 2024 school year.

Tuition Fees

Reception – Year 4 $4,940.00
Years 5 – 6 $5,150.00
Year 7 $5,780.00
Year 8 $6,050.00
Years 9 – 10 $7,120.00
Years 11 – 12 $7,900.00

Capital Development Levy

1st Child $320.00
2nd Child $275.00
3rd Child $230.00
4th & Subsequent Nil

Stationery and Textbooks

Families are required to purchase Year 6-12 student textbooks and stationery independently. Textbooks should be ordered from Lighthouse Books.

Reception – Year 6 $135.00

Bus Co-Contribution

From 2023, families utilising College buses will contribute toward the sustainable operation of our bus service.

Bus Co-Contributions are per student.

Term Booking $100.00
Single Trip $5.00

Download Our Fee Schedule

A PDF copy of our Fees and Financial Information booklet for the 2024 school year is available for download via the link below.

Financial Information

Discounts, Scholarships and Financial Support

Investigator College is proud to offer support and incentives for early payment of annual fees along with discounts for larger families and an extensive range of Scholarship opportunities

Sibling Discounts

Investigator College offers a discount on Tuition Fees to all families with more than one child enrolled with us.

2nd Child 15%
3rd Child 30%
4th Child 45%
5th & Subsequent 100%

Early Payment Discounts

A 6% discount is available if full payment of Annual Fees is made by close of business on the first Friday of Term 1.

A 3% discount is available for families electing to pay their full year account in two instalments: one by the close of business on the first Friday of Term 1, and one by the first Friday of Term 3.

Discounts are calculated on the value of Tuition Fees less Sibling Discounts (if applicable) and/or any scholarships which may be applicable, and is only applicable if there are no previous amounts outstanding.


Investigator College celebrates the opportunity to assist students to become their best selves, and offers a range of annual Scholarship opportunities for both new and existing students.

For more information on Scholarships at Investigator, please visit our Scholarships page.


Explore Our
Scholarships Program

Investigator College Scholarships recognise excellence, effort and endeavor in Academic Performance, Student Leadership, Sports, Performing Arts and Co-Curricular Pursuits, with opportunities for both new and existing students from Years 5 – 12.

Fee Schedule

Early Learning Centre
Fee Schedule

Little Investigators, our world-class Early Learning Centre, is among the most affordable on the Fleurieu Peninsula, with full CCS support from the Australian Government for eligible families.

Investigator College is excited to welcome both our new and existing families to a new year of learning at Little Investigators.

Our ELC Fee Schedule is set annually, with a minimum of 2 days per week required for all students, with 3 or 5 days recommended for students in their Pre-School year.

Families enrolled with us at Little Investigators are encouraged to apply for Child Care Subsidy support from Services Australia, with substantial discounts on Day Rates available in most cases.


Day Rates

Our Early Learning Centre operates on a daily rate. Fees listed are the full rate, before any discount or subsidy (including Child Care Subsidy) is applied.

Long Day Care $110.00
Pre-School $110.00
Vacation Care $100.00

Our standard day for both Long Day Care and Pre-School runs from 8:00am–3:30pm.

During Vacation Care, our standard day runs from 8:00am–4:00pm.

Post-Care Rates

For families requiring care until 5:00pm, Little Investigators offers a Post Day Care service from 3:30pm–5:00pm, for the small fee of $15.00, which is added to the regular day rate.

Download Our Early Learning Centre Fee Schedule

Our ELC Fee Schedule for the 2024 school year is included in our Fees and Financial Information booklet, which is available for download via the link below.