Policy & Governance

Ensuring Investigator College is a safe, caring and supportive place to teach, work, study and learn.
Policy & Governance
Our College Board
Investigator College is a member of the Association of Independent Schools of South Australia (AISSA) and the South Australian Anglican School System.
Overseen by a board, which includes elected members and members nominated by the Anglican School System, our College is committed to continually growing and developing with a focus on educational excellence.

Investigator College Board

The Investigator College Board directs our school with wisdom and a commitment to excellence.

Our current members meet monthly and work closely with our Principal and Senior Leadership Team to ensure the future direction of Investigator College remains clear and strong.

Contact Our Board

Our Board can be contacted by email:
boardcomms@investigator.sa.edu.au, or by using the link below:

Current Board Members

Tim Donlan


Tim joined the board in March 2021 and was appointed Chair of the Board in June 2023. He is a solicitor and brings significant board, governance and legal experience in both the private business and not-for-profit sectors.

Gavin Daniell

Deputy Chairperson, Chair of Finance and Risk Sub-Committee

Gavin joined the Board in late 2017 and is the Chair of the Finance and Risk sub-committee.

Gavin brings extensive experience in finance and business operations at a local and national level.

Sarah O’Flaherty

Public Officer, Secretary

Sarah joined the Board in 2023 and holds a Bachelor of Business (Accounting).

Sarah brings a wealth of experience in Finance, Audit and Risk, Work Health and Safety and related Business Management activities.

Ian Young

Ian is a licensed Anglican Priest who brings a wealth of experience in the church
and extensive Board experience within a range of for profit and not-for-profit organisations.

Almond Sparrow

Almond joined the Board in 2023 and holds a Bachelor in Health Sciences.

Almond has extensive experience in Project, Business and Operations management roles within the university and independent research sectors.

Performance Report and College Constitution
Investigator College is an incorporated body, governed by a comprehensive Constitution, and regularly produces a summary of its operations and performance.
Policy & Governance
Key Policies
Investigator College is committed to operating in a safe, responsible and respectful manner, and to ensuring that our learners are able to freely enjoy their education in a caring, supportive and safe environment.
To guide and inform our operation Investigator College manages, maintains and maintains a number of key policies.

These policies outline responsibilities, expectations, procedures and appropriate courses of action for the College and its staff, and also for our parents, volunteers and, in some cases, our students.