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BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

Students in Senior School (Years 10-12) at the College will be required to participate in the BYOD program. The BYOD program is designed to allow senior students to choose and bring to the learning environment one or several devices of their choice. The devices will connect seamlessly via the on campus College wireless network and extend to any internet connection outside the College.

How does it work?

Students in Year 10-12 will be expected to participate in the Bring Your Own Device program. Students are required to sign a student agreement that outlines how the device can be used at school.

Investigator College has chosen the following two options. Please choose one of them.

  • Parents choose and purchase their own Windows 10 device based on the recommended platform and specifications from a retail outlet. Students primarily support themselves, with access to the internet at school via our extensive wireless network.  IT staff will assist with connecting to the wireless network, a printer and the internet, but will not be responsible for removal of viruses and warranty. Print and take a device specification sheet with you to the store.
  • Parents purchase a device via our JB Hi Fi Parent Purchase portal.  The devices in the purchase portal are selected by the College to ensure that they meet the minimum device recommendations.  See BYOD Purchase Portal page to access the purchasing portal.


Please refer to the following documents which contain details of all aspects of the Bring Your Own Device program.

pdfBYOD 2020 – Letter to Parents.pdf

pdfBYOD Program Outline.pdf


BYOD Device Specifications 2020 – Print and Take to Store (Quick reference)

pdfBYOD Frequently Asked Questions.pdf

pdfBYOD Student Agreement.pdf

Details and Feedback

The Bring Your Own Device program will be improved as technology changes, processes improve and experience increases.  If you have questions or feedback about the program you can contact the Bring Your Own Device Delivery Team via email and we will respond to your query within 1 business day.

Frequently Asked Questions

These frequently asked questions are in addition to the original FAQ document above and are in response to questions raised by students and parents since the program was released.

Q:  Will ‘Windows 10 S’ edition work for the BYOD program?
A:  No, the newly announced version of ‘Windows 10 S’ is a cut down version of Windows 10 and only allows installation of Apps from the Microsoft App Store.   Parents need to make sure devices come with Windows 10 Home or Windows 10 Pro.    If a device is purchased with ‘Windows 10 S’ edition it is possible for parents to purchase the upgrade to Windows 10 Home edition through the Microsoft Store.

Please see these links for more information.
Introducing Windows 10 S
Windows 10 S FAQ.

Q:  What particular brand of laptop would the College recommend?
A:  Most of the major brands make good products, and many people have various answers to this depending on what is being currently released at the time. ‘Best and Worst Laptop Brands‘ is a helpful summary to quickly make a decision about which brand to choose.

Q: I have purchased a laptop already and want to help my student get prepared for the BYOD program next year.  Can the College please set it up for us?
A:  The College will run a number of ‘getting started’ sessions early in the new year to ensure that all students are up and running with the program.  If students would like to get a head start with installing software and getting familiar with their device ready for the new year, they can access the BYOD Self Service portal in Office365 using their school login.  Students can access the portal from both school and home.

Q: I have a laptop that needs repair which is not covered by my original warranty.
A:  The College recommends Quikfix Computers as the best option for parents needing a repairer for our BYOD program, or a local business offering personalized purchasing advice.  Students are able to borrow a loan laptop for the duration of repairs from our BYOD Loan laptop cupboard in the Senior School.